This writing blog and Shakespeare blog is a compilation of essays, stories and other miscellany.

This is an idea, a blog and a writer’s journal. It's an in-depth coverage of new fiction and nonfiction. From short stories to new ideas - JamieSteidle.com is about voices that aren’t always heard and ideas that aren’t well-known.

Shakespeare Blog

The time is 1593. The place, London, England. The playwrights, the plays, the plague. With this Shakespeare Blog, take a walk through Shakespeare’s London like never before.

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Writing Blog

This Writing Blog is about being a writer. It is about writing and the tools you need. It is about exploring not only the different worlds a writer creates but about how those worlds are created. This blog will show you my tools, you are welcome to use them or keep them handy in your pack.

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These fiction stories range from humor to science fiction. Fantasy to horror. You’ll find something of interest here. I promise.


Find all the nonfiction you want in essays written about varying subjects I hope you’re interested in.