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Shakespeare: 1593

A new project about Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

The time is 1593. The place, London, England. The playwrights, the plays, the plague. A walk through Shakespeare’s London like never before. Follow it here on Instagram or on my blog

  Photo Courtesy:  South Street & Co. 

Photo Courtesy: South Street & Co. 

About Jamie Steidle

Jamie Steidle is a copywriter, Shakespeare scholar and editor. 

Currently, he's the Editorial Creative for South Street & Co., a marketing agency based in Orlando, Florida.  He attended the University of Limerick, where he received his Master of Arts in English Literature with a focus on Shakespeare. He was the assistant editor for Feeding My Kid, an online periodical on health and fitness. 

Steidle is co-author of the book, This is Zoic and is author of the book, “The Keeper Reverie.” If he isn’t spending his time writing, he’s thinking about spending his time writing. Follow him on Twitter