Episode 4 - Short Story "The Filmmaker's Almanac, 1492"

Filmmaker's Almanac, 1492

Time traveling filmmakers want to create the most historically accurate film, instead they recast history. A comedy of errors. 

At the end of each story I try and give some insights on how I wrote it and writing in general. 

Writing a comedic short story isn’t easy. I had this idea for years before I was able to write it. I thought: “Wouldn’t it be funny if filmmakers could go back in time and film the most historically accurate films possible?” Then I realized if filmmakers had this power, they’d immediately try and jazz history up. You can’t have a bland leading man, or woman — can you? 

The story took me years to write because it was hard to try and get the right tone. I always find tone is the most difficult aspect. 

What helped me was realizing that having the narration in first person opened up more personality in narration. Then the story unfolded. 

So my suggestion to anyone who wants to write humor - first person is where it’s at. I mean, just look at PG Wodehouse, many of his comedic novels are lively because they are written by lively characters. 

Seriously though, check out The Code of the Woosters, It’s a great read by Wodehouse.