National Novel Writing Month Tips

National Novel Writing Month Tips

Are you working your way through National Novel Writing Month but need some inspirational tips to help keep you going. I’ve put together some helpful writing tips to help you keep up your pace. Trust me, I know writing can grow more difficult as the manuscript becomes more complex, which is why I abide by these National Novel Writing Month tips to help me keep up the pace. 

So here are some National Novel Writing Month tips to help you with completing your novel by the end of the month. You got this. 

Don’t Edit While You Write

Easier said than done, but don’t edit while you write. You want to just write, and keep writing. When you edit when you write, you’re more likely to throw off your flow when writing. To best maximize your time, you should keep writing and editing separate, giving yourself the creative freedom to expand your story. The more you edit what you write, the less you write. It’s a number’s game. Keep writing.  

Keep Organized 

If you want to win at writing your book you will need to keep organized. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to plan out your entire novel (leave yourself some creative freedom). Instead, organize everything around your writing. Organizing can be anything from organizing your plot, characters, or even your time. It can breakdown to organizing your time to write, separating yourself from everything that can distract you, like your phone, the TV, or checking to see how your Tweet about the new Emily Dickinson show is doing… it’s doing fine.  


Keeping organized also means to keep the information most needed for writing a particular scene at hand. This means having good details about your characters, keeping track of timeliness, etc. Keeping organized will help you write better, and more succinctly; this means that the editing process will be much easier when you come to it. 

Plan Your Success 

Plan your success! As I said, don’t over plan. Everyone is a different writer, that’s true. Each person does need some level of planning, but some writers may need more planning than other writers. For example, I need just the barest amount of planning for me to write. Just a general outline of what I need to do, leaving room for creativity. Sometimes the characters go off track, but that’s okay. I find that’s best for me. So plan, but leave room for your characters and your story to breathe and discover new things.  

Keep Coffee On Supply 

Alright, I don’t know if everyone is as addicted to coffee as I am, but make sure you keep the stuff that keeps you going on supply. For me, that’s coffee. And it helps my creative juices flow. Coffee can be substituted for anything that helps keep you seated and writing. It could be lemonade (another vice of mine) or tea (another vice of mine). Keep the stuff close by and keep writing. 

Don’t Look Back 

This ties in with the first  National Novel Writing Month tip, but it’s good to keep note because… well, don’t look back. Let the editing phase of your manuscript be during the editing phase of your manuscript. 

Write. Keep Writing. Write Some More. 

Keep writing. Despite it all… Just keep writing. 

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Don’t sweat errors you find while you write. Did you accidentally skip a day on your timelines? Go back and fix those errors later. Keep going. 


As an SEO content writer, I need all the help I can get when it comes to tips. These writing tips have helped me. Now that you have some National Novel Writing Month tips to help you with completing your story, get to it! Stop reading and start writing… oh, and good luck.